Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sommer Cables 2008 Clearance Sale

We are clearing our Sommer Cable Collection. Everything must go! These are brand new cables that have been sitting on the shelf for 3 months. Besides the usual microphone or instrument cables, we also have cables for CD players, laptop computers, and other configurations. These are high quality German cables that the top rental companies are using! Pick up the phone and call 012-2976081 to order. Delivery to your doorstep for KL and PJ residents.


Sommer Stage 22 with Amphenol XLR Connectors

5 Meters - RM 83 ; Clearance Price - RM 66

7 Meters -RM 99 ; C.P - RM 79

10 Meters - RM122; C.P - RM98


Sommer Tricone with Amphenol 1/4" Connectors

3 Meters - RM 58; Clearance Price - RM 46

5 Meters - RM 73; C.P - RM59

7 Meters - RM 89; C.P - RM 71


Sommer Isopod with Amphenol XLR Connectors for connection between sound system components

1 Meter - RM 48; Clearance Price - RM 38

Sommer Isopod with Amphenol 1/4" TRS Connector

0.5 Meter - RM 36; Clearance Price - RM 29


Sommer Isopod with 1/8" Stereo and 2 x Amphenol 1/4" Connectors

2.5 Meters - RM 67; Clearance Price - RM 54


Sommer Isopod with RCA and Amphenol 1/4" Connectors

4 Meters - RM 90 (A Pair) Now - RM 72


Sommer Isopod with Amphenol 1/4 " Mono and TRS for Inserting Components to individual channels on mixer

4 Meters - RM 90; Clearance Price - RM72

To order, please call 012-2976081. ( Free delivery within KL & PJ )

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Sale On Audio Technica Products

We are having a 20% store wide sale on Audio Technica wireless microphones. This includes delivery and setup to KL and PJ destinations. Audio Technica is used by some big names in gospel music including Michael W Smith, Planetshakers, Steven Curtis Chapman, and others. Take advantage of this sale to get a good branded product at "pasar road" price.

Sale ends by Christmas day.

ATW702 Handheld Wireless System
ATW-R700 receiver and ATW-T702 handheld unidirectional dynamic microphone/transmitter. 8 selectable channels, dual diversity, balanced and unbalaced output. Uses 2 x AA batteries.

ATW701/h Headset Wireless System
ATW-R700 receiver and ATW-T701 UniPak® transmitter with PRO 8HEcW headworn microphone. Ideal for hands free pick up. Flexible for singing and speeches. Dual diversity, 8 selectable channels and 2 x AA batteries.

ATW892 Microset Microphone

AT892cL4-TH MicroSet™ Omnidirectional Condenser Headworn Microphone
This product is available in black and beige. Light weight, miniature that is used by today's speakers in management seminars. Clear vocals and almost hidden unseen microphone.

Pro 37 Small-Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone for Instruments
With a low-mass element for superb transient response and a low-profile design, the PRO 37 has established itself as a versatile solution for studio recording and live performance. Excels in high-SPL applications

AT2010 Cardioid Condenser Vocal Microphone
The AT2010 makes the studio-quality articulation and intelligibility of A-T’s renowned 20 Series truly accessible for the stage. This live performance microphone has been a best seller especially when compared with the more "famous" standard microphones around.
For more details, please click

MB/Dk4 and Dk6 Drum-Microphone Pack

The MB/Dk4 Drum Pack includes a core selection of four microphones specifically engineered for drum applications: three MB 5k snare/tom microphones and one MB 6k kick microphone. Also included in the
package are three drum-rim microphone mounts and a durable case.

Audio Technica 2000 Series Wireless Handheld Microphone
Frequency-agile True DiversityUHF Wireless SystemsFrequency-agile True DiversityUHF Wireless Systems.

ATW-2129 2000 Series Wireless Systems
ATW-R2100 receiver and ATW-T210 UniPak® Microphone System transmitter with AT829cW lavalier microphone.

ATM73ac Cardioid Condenser Headworn Microphone
Ideal for drummers, keyboard players or anyone requiring hands-free operation, the ATM73a features a comfortable, unobtrusive headband design with side-of-mouth pickup. Less power module; unterminated
55" (1.4 m) cable. Includes AT8125 and AT8128 windscreens.

To order, please call 012-2976081. ( Free delivery within KL & PJ )

K&M Microphone Stand

Konig & Meyer Microphone Stands are solid, stable, and heavy-duty. I sometimes wonder if people would pay double the price for these made in Germany stands. After all it's China here and China there. With each new emerging China brand, the price keeps dropping. However some of our clients only live by the branded stands. Here's why:

  • They may be double the price but triple the life span
  • The smart clients would rather travel in KL jam once rather then 2 0r 3 times to buy or replace the stands
  • Their microphones are costly and need good solid stands. I remember a condenser microphone (over RM1,000) dropping to the floor on a cheap unbranded microphone stand

Below are some K&M models that we have in stock:


Low-priced all-metal-stand. Consists of tubing assembly, boom arm and zinc die-cast base with long folding legs. Square swivel joint with large wing nut.

WT: 2.5 kg H: 1010/1720 mm BL: 805 mm.

Consists of tubing assembly, boom arm and zinc die-cast base with long folding legs. Square swivel joint with large wing nut. Attractive gray Soft-Touch powder coating with extendable boom arm.

Wt: 3.0 kg H: 925/1630 mm BL: 425/725 mm.


Low-level, telescopic stand with foldable legs. Comes with 2-piece boom arm. Attractive gray Soft-Touch powder coating.
Wt: 2.2 kg H: 425/645 mm BL: 470/775 mm.


Low profile round-base mic stand with telescopic boom arm, designed for bass drums and acoustic instruments. Heavy cast-iron round base, with anti-vibration rubber insert for noise filtration.
Wt: 6.0 kg H: 430 mm BL: 425/725 mmbase-diameter 250 mm

To order, please call 012-2976081. ( Free delivery within KL & PJ )

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Racking Up the Wireless Microphone Systems

Once a sound system uses more than 2 wireless microphones, the receivers will begin to clutter. GATOR offers an easy, affordable, and portable solution to store your receivers and transmitters. It also protects from dust and liquid.

G-Wireless 2 Go

  • 600-Denier nylon exterior
  • Rugged aluminum valance & rack rail2U PE reinforced 19" rack section with 13.5" rack dept
  • 4 PE foam padded cavities for microphones with clip on
  • 4 Cavities for body pack storage with antennas
  • Pre-cut foam holds 16 batteries
  • PE padded reinforced front & top lids
  • Zipper closure padded compartment for lavaliere microphones, headsets and other accessories
  • External accessory pocketThrough-bolt reinforced handles
  • Removable adjustable shoulder strap


  • Lightweight style rack bags great for effects processors, recording equipment and wireless microphones
  • Works with 6 1/2 space wireless units or 4 1/2 space wireless units and 1 antenna combiner
  • 3U Rack space with threaded field replaceable rack rails
  • Microphone pocket holds 6 wireless microphones or 6 body packs in padded foam insert
  • Polyethylene reinforced interior frame & internal reinforced aluminum valance
  • 600-Denier nylon exterior, lightweight yet rigid
  • Retractable, removable handle and wheels & interior mesh pocket for accessories

To order, please call 012-2976081. (Free delivery within KL & PJ )

GATOR Microphone Storage Solutions

For those chaps who keep their microphones after every performance/service, the GATOR microphone storage bags are a must. These bags protect your microphones from shock and from scrathes. They also make it a breeze to carry from function to function. Storing the microphones after every service will eliminate it dropping during mid week when no one is around, or even worse, microphones misplaced! Sizes available for 4 or 12 microphones.

GATOR Wired Microphone Bags


*Durable 600-Denier nylon construction

*Web handles & comfort shoulder strap

*4 Microphone drops

*Interior storage space Exterior storage pocket


*Durable 600-Denier nylon construction

*Designed to hold 12 microphones

*Exterior pocket for cables & accessories

*#10 Zippers Padded shoulder strap for easy transport

GX-33 Microphone Stand Bag with Mic Slots

*3 Separate compartments for microphone stands to prevent scratches & dings

*5 Form fitted microphone drops

*600-Denier nylon construction

*Webbed handles

*Carrying strap

*Zippered cable pocket
To order, please call 012-2976081. ( Free delivery within KL & PJ )