Monday, August 25, 2008

Probably the best Mic under RM500

Yep, that's what we think. A handheld condenser vocal microphone that's really hard to beat! But then again.... why take our word for it? Bring over your favourite microphone and we'll have a shootout! Let's do what audophiles would - an AB test! If you win, we'll throw in a cup of coffee besides the great fellowship and exchange of information. If we win, you still get the cup of coffee AND you'll get to take home this sleek sexy Audio Technica for under RM500 (list RM560). If you leave your branded microphone behind as a trade in, we'll give you another RM100 off. Now ain't that a win win situation? Call GSUS now at 03 - 4280 6081 or email us at to get yourself an appointment and further details will be provided. Go ahead pick up the phone..... we DARE you!

We've also include 2 audio clips, 1 recording using a dynamic mic where as the other is Audio Technica's Condenser Mic. Take a listen to it and tell us what you think about the quality of the sounds.