Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eliminating Hums from Laptop or PC's on Stage

“Darren, I will be using my laptop for training this afternoon”, uttered Steve, the invited guest speaker flown speciallly from the States. As Darren hooks up the RCA connected to a 1/8” jack to the laptop's headphone output there was a humming sound. “I didn't expect that to come out from my presentation,” exclaimed Steve. “Well, that's the best i can do for you,” but at the back of Darren's head was 'if only there was a solution...'

This is a common scenario that PA system personnels face each time there's a need to connect the laptop for a presentation or a seminar. Budget for these meetings run into thousands if not ten of thousands. But it could all be ruined just because this gadget, the Laptop Interface, was not employed. Not only is it a nuisance but it could very likely put your organisation in bad light.

Laptop presentations are common nowadays not just in business premises or corporations but even churches as well. Sermon notes, seminars, workshops, worship meetings, and training programs are presented professionally on the slide through an overhead projector, making it easier and faster to organize and conduct any event.

Rapco International, the LTI 100 Laptop Interface is the answer to your laptop audio complications. One of the causes of hums is using unbalanced cabling. Unbalanced cabling is not for long runs from stage to mixer, usually in excess of 20 feet. For stages more than 20 to 300 feet away from the mixer you need balanced cabling. The Laptop Interface converts from un-balanced to balanced.

This gadget also comes with a built in 1/8" stereo connector that fits only a PC or Laptop. You will never lose this RARE connector! It does not require power input, just insert the 1/8” jack into your laptop headphone output, connect this hardware to the designated channel(s) on your mixer and take it for a test. You are sure to find satisfactory sound quality as you've heard while testing the presentation from your laptop. Having a stage away from the control room as far as 100 feet, all you need is to connect this palm sized hardware to the junction box on the stage with a microphone cable to the channel that is available and make sure the tech guys know about this so they can adjust the volume that you desire for maximum effect. Think of it as a D.I Box with built in 1/8" stereo connector. So what's the cost? The cost of 2 D.I boxes - RM600. Call GSUS at 03-4280 6081 or email us at and fix an appointment anytime between 9:00am - 6:00pm.