Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SE Level 1 September 2008

Wow, time really flies. It has been almost 3 months now since then (5th July) when I attended this course and i still can't think of anything that I can't benefit from it. The best part is I can always refer to my notes, whenever I'm troubleshooting a P.A. system anywhere! (Saves me lots of time running through the manuals and figuring things out)

GSUS would like to congratulate 5 participants from all around Klang Valley for they have completed the 1st level of Sound Engineering. They consist of Samuel and Charine from Sg. Besi, Tambi Raj from Rawang, Jacob Lee and Charles Cheh from Subang Jaya. We hope and pray for the best of them to be blessings in the churches they serve and bear much fruit for the music and worship ministry.

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Samuel said...

Well mostly, I learnt that how important is sound in a sound system in a big event; concerts, churches & so on. I love music yet never wonder how amazing a sound system can change & modify or so of a particular sound wave. It is fun & especially on the hands of experience to twitch & set up a system and it's truly unforgetable as you won't get chances to tune & 'play' with the church's equalizer & system. The physics of sound isn't easy to understand & get used to therefore having a 4 session with GSUS truly allows me to learn what I've always devaluated.