Thursday, September 4, 2008

O How the Mighty Have Fallen to..... dust?

When I was a kid we were told not to scoff at weaker friends or animals. The reason was these "small frys" could one day save our necks! Remember the story of the mouse who saved the lion from the hunter's trap by biting the ropes? Or in chinese animal chess how a rat can hold off an elephant? Remember David and Goliath?

Ha! We take great pain to invest in equipment. But no matter how expensive or branded they are, these equipment are suspectible to dust. Well here's the irony - we can buy expensive equipment but find it difficult to spend for an appropriate water/dust proof cover!

What's the big deal about dust?

1. Higher operating temperature
Dusts clog air vents. They also settle on transistors and motherboards in equipment like a blanket on a cold night. High operating temperature cuts the lifespan of the components.

2. Restrict electrical conductivity
Equipment with intermittent sound, static, and noise could be a symptom of dust getting into the knobs or switches.

What can be done to prolong the life of these crucial equipment?
1. PVC covers - dust and water resistant, nice and sleek.

2. Equipment rack - not just keeping the dust away but keeping everything in place and organized.

3. General service of equipment - unlike vehicle maintenance which cost a few hundreds, equipment services won't even cause a tooth ache