Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let's not be "Penny-wise, Pound-foolish"

Facing with the current economy condition we at GSUS extend our shoulder to bear one anothers burden by offering our service in helping you to be 'Penny-wise, Pound-wiser.'

A penny is a small amount of money and a pound is a larger amount. "Penny-wise, pound-foolish" is to be cautious (wise) with small amounts of money but wasteful (foolish) with larger amounts. Example: "We've worked so hard to save money that if we took a vacation now it would be penny-wise, pound-foolish." People sometimes worry about spending small amounts of money; then they carelessly spend much larger amounts. Example: "He spends very little on accessories, then blows all the funds on lightings. He really is penny-wise, pound-foolish."

The word, stewardship, simply means to manage someone else’s property. For the Christian, as Scripture proclaims everything belongs to God, we manage the property of our Lord. Since everything belongs to Christ, we need to have the attitude and view that our things are His things, our stuff is His stuff, that all we could have now, all we have lost, all we will have, is His, including our very bodies and spiritual gifts. We are mere lessees of the property, money, relationships, talents, time, and even our lives. That means all that we are and all that we have are not really ours to begin with. They belong to God. So, the duty of the Christian is to learn how to become responsible stewards of our Lord’s resources entrusted into our care. It means to manage everything to the best of our abilities for His glory (1 Cor. 4:2).

At GSUS we offer restoration and repair services for your P.A. system so, instead of replacing the broken equipment or instrument with a brand new one, our dedicated technicians will inspect from every nook and corner to identify which parts or components that needed to be replaced. For instance if you encounter a mic problem, the common faulty is the soldering of the connectors. Instead of buying a new length of cable you can just request us to replace the old connectors with new ones which would only cost a fraction of the entire set. However it depends on the condition of the cable, and if the lifespan is of age we would advise accordingly. Therefore sometimes it is wiser to purchase another and keep the existing piece perhaps for stage props? Or maybe I can convince our business development manager to accept trade in so at least there are some savings.

We would like to take this opportunity to keep you informed that our Friday Policy for all repair and services is still in practice. We will fix an appointment to collect the item from wherever you are within Klang Valley, and your repaired and serviced equipments or instruments will be delivered to your doorstep latest by Friday evening. As we are called to deliver what we promise we ensure consumer satisfaction on your part with these value added and cost effective savings. We believe that with this commitment to serve and build music ministries across churches we will be blessed with your support, trust and the opportunities to cater to your music and worship ministry needs. We are just one call away!