Sunday, August 1, 2010

Acoustic can make or kill the sound in your hall Part I

Remember the time you went house hunting? You would enter the empty property and it would be echo-ey. Sometimes it was so bad you couldn't hear what others were saying even they were just a few feet away. Of course the sound or 'acoustic' changed when you move in with furnitures, fixtures, curtains and all. This ehco-ey sound or reverb can be disasterous for a church hall. More so for the modern worship band. The shape, dimensions, finishing and furnitures will determine how it sounds - regardless of what type of sound system you have.

SHAPE - is the hall square, rectangle, shell, round, L or T?

Dimensions - usually anything more than a shoplot will start posing problems with acoustic

Finishing - are the floor, wall and ceiling reflective surfaces?

Furnitures - are they reflective or cushioned?

Clear, audible sound is a priority in any church where sermons, songs and multimedia presentations communicate the Word of God. Learn how to save your church tens of thousands of ringgit when you build your new sanctuary with acoustic in mind.

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