Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Our Clients Say About Us ? ( Repairs )

G-Sus services is fast, reasonable and reliable!

1) Fast - Their services cater for our needs. As a working person, basically we find it hard send our spoilt stuff for fixing and checking. G-Sus has assisted a lot by checking, dismantling, collecting, quoting, repairing, sending back and installing which just took 5days to get everything done. Imagine they got the spoilt items on Sunday evening and everything were fixed before Friday prayer meeting, that is called excellent and efficient!!
2) Reasonable - They quote reasonably for repair and checking. They met our budget and even allow for discount.
3) Reliable - After their check and repair, we played confortably during Sunday Worship without any distraction. It is just like brand new system!!

Eric Chan
Music Team Coordinator
Bethany Chapel


"The promptness
in collecting, servicing and sending back the serviced equipment has enabled the church to run its full capacity in the area of sound . The support that G.SUS have given to the church helps to make sure that the message is carried clearly to the people. Thank you for living your part to build God's kingdom on earth. I believe that through the role you have taken up, you will be a blessing to many churches in this area."

Liaw Hui Sun
Head of Sound Management Team
His Sanctuary of Glory


"We recently bought some speakers and other equipment to improve our PA system in our church through G.SUS. I must say that when it comes to servicing or repairing, G.SUS has tirelessly gone out of the way even on Sundays to help us. We are particularly thankful for the times when we needed something done before an event such as a concert in our church, and sometimes even under such short notice, G.SUS has never failed so far to meet our needs. The quality of the equipment bought are of good quality and reasonable in price as the founder of G.SUS, Timothy Lee, has not only good technical experience but musically as well and is knowledgeable when it comes to recommending the best equipment and also the best way to install it in your church."

Gideon Yong
Assistant/Worship Pastor,
Gereja Glory AOG Salak South KL